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Drive By Flowers exists for the sole purpose of getting gorgeous, seasonal flowers into your hands. Located in Warrenton, VA and delivering to surrounding areas, Drive By Flowers designs are updated, fresh, fun, garden-inspired, and loose and airy. 

Sourcing flowers as locally as possible is high on the values list for Drive By Flowers, and relationships built with local growers make for the freshest, unique, incredible flowers for you or your loved one to enjoy to the fullest.

Shop for your favorites to send to a loved one, a subscription to adorn your own table, or reach out for event-specific flowers. 

~ Amy

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"Such exquisite, artful bouquets! Hand delivery was such a nice touch. I'd recommend a curated bouquet from Drive By Flowers over a cheap grocery store one any day!! Love knowing it's all locally sourced and grown organically. Thank you, Amy!"

— Johanna, Virginia Beach, VA

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“The arrangement was the most beautiful I have seen....poppies, ranunculus, stock (yellow, orange, white)! Fun, festive, stunning. I had never heard of Drive By Flowers but they will be my first choice.”

--Ellen, Warrenton, VA

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