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DRIVE BY FLOWERS was established in September 2020 by me (Amy Cordy) as an opportunity to bring the local community of Gainesville, Bristow, Nokesville and Haymarket, and Warrenton, VA a new take on flowers: local, collaborative, and garden-gathered. What began with a vision for a fun, fresh, airy style of flowers quickly led to the development of several really great relationships with local-to-the-DMV flower growers that solidified the mission of working with local flowers.

Over the course of developing those relationships and becoming more aware of the beauty of seasonality, it’s become clear that designing with what grows closest to us yields the best, most unique designs (have you ever seen a dahlia in a grocery store?! How about a lisianthus?).

When seasonality is limiting (like in the Winter!), American-grown flowers are high on the list, after exhausting the unique options around us, like evergreens, berries, and forced flowering branches. As the American-grown movement increases, Drive By Flowers is all the more excited to bring you the best flowers possible by supporting both our local and American-made communities and economies. 

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I wholeheartedly believe in the connections we have with others, and once-upon-a-time completed a Master’s degree in clinical counseling. What do flowers and counseling have in common? Simply put, flowers connect us to each other, and to the wide and vast spectrum of human emotions. They help us express ourselves and they can give us happiness, joy, comfort, calm, reward, or even a space to mourn and grieve. They’re literally just as impactful on a Tuesday morning at your kitchen table, as they are your best friend’s baby shower or your mom’s 60th birthday. 

As Drive By Flowers grows, I hope to connect with you, get to know you, link you with the incredible people who have grown these blooms, and make your world a better place by creating beautiful flowers.

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