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Why Local


 Community and Small Business Support

I love me some small business support! Warrenton, VA and the surrounding areas are such special places, full of talented, hard-working people. Sourcing locally means better, stronger businesses. If I can't get local product readily (like in those pesky Winter months), American-grown is where it's at. We're all better and stronger together!


Ever wonder why grocery store flowers don't last very long? They've traveled for days, arriving at their destination all stressed out and wilty (some of us may have that in common with flowers). Basically, a shorter supply chain means fresher, more fragrant, longer-lasting flowers for YOU (woohoo!). .

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Chemicals? EW. The crazy amount of chemicals used in the process of getting imported flowers from dirt to dining room table is WILD. We can do better! Local growers usually use far fewer chemicals, and many use organic practices. YES PLEASE.

Origins and Ethics

My favorite trend right now is that people are increasingly concerned about the origin of their stuff. Beef? Eggs? Tomatoes? Soap? Clothes?  Earrings? Coffee mugs? COFFEE? The people care!


People want to know where their products come from. The farmers and I can satiate that desire, my friend. Flowers might be grown from the family across town or the couple in the next county over, and I highlight those relationships every chance I get. 

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Rich Tradition and Top Quality

Once upon a time, floral designers and flower farmers work in this amazing synergistic relationship to buy and sell to folks they knew and trusted. We're coming fullllll circle back to this beautiful union. You get the best quality because it's what's growing nearest to the designer (that's me), and it's the BEST of what's in season. Woohoo!

Seasonality and Creative Design

As a seasonal floral designer, it's my job to know what flowers are blooming and when. I'm forever learning about the seasonality of it all, and can pass that education on to YOU. You won't see any cookie-cutter, roundy-moundy designs here. From bouquet to vase, every design is drawn from the creative challenge of using. what's. in. season. Never, ever a dull moment!

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